Treatment Modality

I use a psychoanalytic psychotherapy approach in my clinical work. This theoretical model is based on psychoanalytic theory and technique but varies in its length and frequency. Symptoms we face might be viewed as meaningful communication of unknown and unknowable origin,while patients are viewed as people with unique histories and problems who deserve in-depth individualized assessment and clinical care rather then pathologies reduced to a cookie cutter approach.

I believe that what makes us unique is our ability to feel, that is, engage our: i.e. engage our thoughts about internal or external affective stimuli and transform them into something of emotional significance. Often thoughts are privileged over feelings. Thoughts have emotional consequences and the two should work in concert. We will focus on the present and address your problems in living and relating as they manifest in the clinical situation.

Unlike many other therapies that promise symptom relief, but fails short of producing long lasting changes, psychoanalytic psychotherapy creates cessation of suffering through lasting internal changes.

The new fuller assessment and one self leads to looking at how internal dynamics contributed to creating and maintaining views and relationships that lead to dissatisfaction, unhappiness and suffering.

The change in this kind of treatment occurs as the patient and therapist re-create old and create new dynamics that lead to living fuller life with satisfying and lasting relationships with one self, loved ones or in the work environment.

The kind of treatment I offer does not promise a quick fix although when appropriate we will work together at symptom relief and decrease in suffering so that more in-depth work can take place.

Frequency: Most psychotherapy occurs once weekly. When appropriate you and I will determine whether increasing the number of sessions per week can be beneficial to you.

Length: Length of treatment varies according to the problems presented. In some cases few months of treatment are sufficient for increase in functioning while others require more open-ended approach. It is my experience that patients require 3 to 6 months to start feeling some improvement.