Individual Therapy:

Working one-on-one in psychotherapy is like establishing a new, healing relationship that will address your problems in unique ways. We will work together to bring about change through understanding what stands in the way of being a more successful and fulfilled person.

Child Therapy

I use a combination of play therapy and talk therapy with children depending on their age and difficulties. In particular I work with children with:

  • a history of trauma
  • child abuse
  • physical disability
  • children in foster care and adopted children.

Every child lives his or her problems differently and communicates those problems through symptoms and themes in their play. I endeavor to help children form strong positive relationships that will help them overcome their behavioral and emotional problems. They will learn how to talk about their difficulties and use their families as a source of help and support.

Chronic Medical Illness

Part of my practice focuses on psychological treatment of chronic pain and chronic somatic complaints. This group of patients are often misunderstood by most treating physicians and sometimes blamed for their symptoms. As a result they grow diffident of professionals who are working hard to help them. In my work with this population I help patients understand difficulties they are facing, remove impediments to health, regain trust in medical professionals, get more control over their symptoms and transform the incessant, silent suffering into something meaningful and life-affirming.

Medical Professionals

Medical Students

Medical students face great challenges and are asked to undergo tremendous personal sacrifices on their way to becoming physicians. The demands imposed on students often bring up difficulties that were unresolved in previous developmental stages. Here lies a unique opportunity to seek and receive help with psychotherapy. This can become an environment of extreme stress with competing priorities and seemingly unrealistic demands.
Attending to one's emotional life, well- being, and relationships often times seems like a luxury. Many students neglect their physical and emotional needs in their drive to succeed. Attending to one's needs through psychotherapy not only helps students lead more successful and fuller lives but also helps them become better physicians.


Medical doctors are engaged in one of the most difficult professions where little time can be spent on self-care and emotional well-being. They often work long hours, have demanding and difficult patients and suffer burn out. Demands imposed on them are greater then in most professions and because of the culture of stigma in medicine they are the least likely population to seek help for mental health problems. This leads to increased incidents of suicide and substance abuse among physicians. I work with physicians to address their problem in open concise ways aware of constraints of medical culture they are embedded in. We work together to de-pathologize their problems and create lasting positive change in behavior.


My fee is $150 for 50 minutes session. I am a participating provider for MHN, Anthem Blue Cross of California and Aetna insurance. When appropriate I offer reduced fee limited to medical, psychology or psychotherapy students in training.
I do offer reduced fee limited to medical, psychology or psychotherapy students in training.