How to Begin

Even though you might already have some ideas about who I am and how I work the best way to know if I can help you is to meet in person. Please contact me for an initial appointment is by phone (415)-637-2895 or email

My preference is to have a short conversation on the phone before we set a face-to-face appointment to briefly assess the nature of your difficulties and my ability to help you.

Once we establish a date for our first meeting please download and print Intake Forms that you need to bring to our first meeting. If you have any questions about the content of these forms I will be happy to talk to you about it in person.

The first session is the hardest for most people. You might be nervous, worried, have many questions, or feel distraught by the emotional pain. You might expect relief, but the first session might not accomplish that. The initial session is a combination of offering emotional support, interviewing, and administrative issues.

Often times I will need 1-3 sessions to fully assess if we can work together. It's also my hope that in that time you can get a feel of how I work ad be able to determine if I am a good match for you.